UT3L-BS Battery

UT3L-BS Battery
UT3L-BS Battery
Item# bb-049477

Product Description

UT3L-BS Battery. Dry Charge AGM technology, complete with instructions for use. 12 volts, 3 AH (amp-hours). CCA Cold Cranking Amps: 32. Dimensions: 3.9L x 2.24W x 4.37H. This battery is brand new, includes a 1 year warranty and is guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

mAh/Ah (milliampere-hour/Ampere Hour)
This is the Capacity usually expressed in mAh /Ah meaning milli-Ampere hours/Ampere hours. This is basically the amount of current the battery will give multiplied by the number of hours that it will give it for, so a bigger number means that the battery will last longer in the device you are using it for.

Think of the battery like a bucket of water, mAh or ah rating is how much water the bucket can hold the bigger the bucket (mAh/Ah ratting) the more water it can hold.(current)